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Molecular Biology

ivo.es Molecular Biology

The Molecular Biology Service at the IVO is highly qualified in the molecular genetics of cancer.

Its main function is the genetic and molecular analysis of the IVO’s patients, especially in early diagnosis, identifying hereditary cancer risks, as well as predicting and forecasting the evolution of the disease.

These genetic studies are essential in the oncological processes in order to be able to offer personalised treatment appropriate for each patient. That is why the staff at the Molecular Biology Laboratory take part in the multidisciplinary teams that make up the different Tumour Committees at the IVO, where the best therapeutic strategy for each patient is defined.

The Molecular Biology Service has accreditation for genetic testing and quality management according to the UNE-EN ISO 15189 Standard for the performance of genetic diagnoses

The Molecular Biology Service forms part of the multidisciplinary team that makes up the different Tumour Committees of the IVO

Benchmark Laboratory

The Molecular Biology Service at the IVO is highly qualified in the study of the molecular genetics of cancer.

Hereditary Cancer Programme of the Valencian Community

The Molecular Biology Service is one of the 5 benchmark laboratories that make up the Hereditary Cancer Programme of the Valencian Community for the study of predispositions to developing cancer in carriers of mutations associated with hereditary cancer syndromes, such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Clinical Trials

It is also at the forefront in the incorporation of new markers in the clinical context, and acts as a leading centre for some molecular determinations in the context of multicentre clinical trials done by collaborative clinical groups such as the Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group (GEICAM), the Spanish Ovarian Cancer Research Group (GEICO) and the Spanish Sarcoma Research Group (GEIS), among others.

Research Activity

Within their research activities, the Molecular Biology Laboratory participates in the design of preclinical and translational research projects, which help to resolve clinical matters with a sufficient degree of evidence. The laboratory also participates in open clinical trials at the IVO, through centralization of genomic/molecular characterization of biological samples from patients included as criteria for their inclusion, or to develop associated translational studies.

Quality Standards

To carry out their activity with the highest standards of quality is also one of the objectives of the Molecular Biology Service. To that end, it participates in external quality programs, aiming to continually assess its activity, such as the Quality Programme of the Sociedad Española de Anatomía Patológica (SEAP) and the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) and Genomic Wuality Assessment (GenQA).


The Molecular Biology Service incorporates the latest generation technology in genetic and molecular analysis, which allows us to offer demonstrated, quality results in an optimum timespan.

More information

Tests and Analyses

Scope of Accredited Tests and List of Analyses

Quality Policy

Document on the Quality Policy of the Molecular Biology Service

Portfolio of Services

List of Services Offered by the IVO's Molecular Biology Department

Research Projects

List of the Projects on which the Service has Collaborated from 2018 to the Present Day

Molecular Biology Laboratory Medical Team

Head of Service

Dr. José Antonio López-Guerrero

Quality Manager

Mª Isabel Cortell Granero

Associated Doctors

Dr. Antonio Fernández Serra
Dra. María Zaida García Casado
Dra. Reyes Claramunt Alonso


Nuria López Pérez-Madero