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Hormone therapy

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Some cancers are hormone dependent. This means that they need certain substances (hormones) to grow and divide. Cancer cells contain hormone receptors which are proteins that can detect the presence of these receptors. This approach is used to determine whether cancer contains hormone dependent receptors. Hormone therapy consists in inhibiting the release of hormone production or blocking cell receptors through surgery, radiotherapy or drugs.

Medical Services

The IVO's specialisation in oncology allows for a service structure organised by care areas classified according to the type of tumour

Tumour Committees

The committees are the ultimate expression of multidisciplinary medicine. They are made up of expert physicians from the main oncological specialities.

Admission and Information

Any citizen with cancer or a certified oncological suspicion can apply to be a patient at the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología.

As it has an agreement with the Public Health System, patients do not have to assume any costs for their treatment.