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The IVO nursing unit specialises in cancer patient care. It has a high level of competence in the knowledge and skills necessary to completely care for each patient, staying with them 24 hours a day during their stay.

The nursing team assesses the patient’s situation. They constantly monitor the patient’s evolution, detecting any possible complications, signs and symptoms that may appear in oncological processes, and providing comprehensive and specialised care, thus improving the patient’s quality of life.

The nursing team at the IVO is characterised by its enormous sensitivity and dedication towards cancer patients and their families

Empathy, listening and respect

Trying to improve the patient's physical and emotional well-being as much as possible

Ethical principles

Nurses take patients to their medical appointments while they are in hospital or in the home care unit, following the ethical principles that are implicit in their professional code and remaining at the patient’s side while they are being cared for. This care includes: comprehensive and continuous care during consultations, on admission to the hospital, during treatment, and in planning their discharge and subsequent check-ups.

The nursing team at the IVO is characterised by its enormous sensitivity and dedication towards cancer patients and their families. They establish a relationship of empathy, active listening and respect, trying to improve the patient’s physical well-being and mood as much as possible. At the same time, they ensure respect for the confidentiality, values and beliefs of the individual.

Comprehensive care

The priority of the IVO nursing team, together with its nursing assistants, is to offer comprehensive care in order to promote health, encourage patient autonomy, manage care through planning according to the scientific method, and ensure that care is not interrupted. The nursing service stands out as a great team, which works with enthusiasm and dedication. Thanks to their excellent training, they care for patients using the most innovative techniques without neglecting basic needs, including humanity and respect.

As the world of oncology is constantly evolving, the oncology nurses at the IVO are always training in new techniques for the administration of new treatments.

Nursing Service Medical Team

Head of Unit

Adela Lliso Sempere


Laboratory: Nuria Casani Turégano
Operating Theatres: Vanesa Calaforra
Surgical Services: Julia Coll Rodríguez
Surgical Services: Carmen Juarez Martí
Intensive Care Unit: Carmen Hernández Ferrando
Médical Oncology: Ricardo Roca Almela
Day Hospital: Mª Teresa Navarro Pradas
Radiotherapy: Sonia Gimeno
Radiology: Esteban Mesas Plaza