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I-ELCAP early detection unit

ivo.es I-ELCAP early detection unit

The IVO carries out the diagnosis of opportunistic lung cancer at the I-ELCAP Early Detection Unit.

What is lung cancer?

It is a type of cancer in which cancerous cells originate in the lungs, but can also grow to affect surrounding structures. 

The biggest risk factor associated with lung cancer is smoking. Most of the symptoms appear when lung cancer is at an advanced stage, so early diagnosis of the disease can improve its prognosis. 

The IVO is part of an international programme for the early detection of asymptomatic lung cancer called I-ELCAP. The programme aims to detect the cancer at an early enough stage that it can be cured with less aggressive forms of treatment.

I-ELCAP Early Diagnosis Programme

The programme for the early detection of lung cancer is aimed at healthy subjects of both sexes, aged 55 or over and with a smoking habit of 30 years consuming at least one cigarette pack/day, or 20-30 years consuming one pack/day but with other risk factors, or ex-smokers who quit less than 15 years prior.

The consultation consists of recording the patient’s medical history and performing a low-dose CT scan with radiation and without the need for contrast. Respiratory tests are performed in the first consultation, all with the express acceptance of the subject (informed consent). This examination may be extended with other tests in the event of a suspected diagnosis.


IELCAP Early Detection Unit

C/ Prof. Beltrán Báguena, 8. 46009 Valencia.

(+34) 961 114 261

Medical Staff

Principal Investigator

Dr. José Cervera Deval


Dr. Susana Hinarejos Parga