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ivo.es History

The IVO was founded in 1976.

Work begins on the construction of the IVO

The iconic circular building, now known as the Antonio Llombart Building, began to be built on a surface area of 2,196 square metres and a volume of 9,000 cubic metres, which could be built over three floors.

4 February 1974


On the evening of 6 December 1976, the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología was inaugurated.

Queen Sofia attended the event. In the photograph, Antonio Llombart explains to Queen Sofia about the characteristics of the cancer centre's facilities.


1 December 1976

Expansion of the Hospital Complex

Opening of Building C for Outpatients, located just a few metres from the original hospital.

A 3,000-square-metre building spread over four floors, plus the ground floor.

26 January 1992

José Simó Building

In 1997, the Antonio Llombart Rodríguez Building, popularly known as the "flying saucer" due to its circular shape, underwent an expansion project. Building B, also called José Simó, in memory of the second president of the IVO, occupied a surface area of 3,000 square metres and is connected to building A by a passageway. 


New Building D

The Outpatients' Department, which had been in operation since 1992, was no longer able to cope with the large number of patients who came to its facilities on a daily basis.

With 8,000 square metres of available space, New Building D was inaugurated in 2007, connected to the Antonio Llombart and José Simó buildings by an underground tunnel. The basement of the building houses the radiotherapy oncology services and two operating theatres. 


Alcoy and Cuenca

In 2007, the IVO set up two Radiotherapy Units: one in Alcoy (Alicante) and another in Cuenca. The first is located next to the Virgen de los Lirios hospital, and the second was created in association with the Virgen de la Luz hospital in the city of La Mancha. 

IVO Alcoy

Both Units were conceived with the aim of providing patients living in these Units' geographical areas of influence with convenient access to radiotherapy care and treatment. 


A 25,000-Square-Metre Hospital Complex

The combined volume of each of the sites that make up the IVO's oncology hospital complex amounts to 25,000 square metres.