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Medical Staff

ivo.es Medical Staff

A Multidisciplinary Team

The oncological process is very complex; since there is not only one response, there must not be only one solution either. At the IVO, we work under the premise that statistics are made up of unique people who require individual responses and therapeutic strategies; people who, together with their families, bear an enormous psychological burden.

By coordinating a team made up of 600 professionals, including medical staff, nurses, assistants, technicians and other personnel, we achieve precisely this complete care for the cancer patient, 24 hours a day, in all the physical and emotional aspects affected by the pathology. This comprehensive strategy of the process guarantees not only much more humane treatment, but also ahigher rate of efficiency throughout the process for each patient.

Holistic Approach to the Oncological Process

Patient monitoring is optimised throughout all the stages of their disease by way of exchanging information among the specialists at the IVO in relation to the same patient, the multidisciplinary teams of experts in each speciality, and coordinating between the various medical units of the hospital.

Medical Services

The IVO's specialisation in oncology allows for a service structure organised by care areas classified according to the type of tumour

Tumour Committees

The committees are the ultimate expression of multidisciplinary medicine. They are made up of expert physicians from the main oncological specialities.