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Teaching commission

ivo.es Teaching Teaching commission

Teaching commission

The IVO’s teaching commission is mainly responsible for organising training, supervising its practical application and monitoring compliance with the objectives specified in the programmes. 

Its mission is to identify and meet the training expectations and needs of the IVO professionals regarding health sciences and other related sciences on an ongoing basis. 


Facilitating integration

To facilitate the integration of the training activities and of the residents with the care and ordinary activity in the centre, and to plan their professional activity in the centre together with the its management bodies.

Developing protocols

To develop the protocol for the supervision of residents in accordance with the terms established by current legislation.

Ensuring individual training plans

To guarantee that each of the residents of the specialities being trained at the centre has the corresponding individual training plan, working with the tutors of the speciality in question to verify that they are in line with the aforementioned training guide or standard syllabus.

Approving the teaching quality management plan

Approving the centre’s teaching quality management plan and supervising its compliance, to which end they will be provided with all necessary information by the heads of the care units and by the corresponding management and administrative bodies.

Providing continuous training

To facilitate the continuous training of tutors in teaching methodologies and other aspects related to the training programmes.

President: Onofre Sanmartín Jiménez (Head of Dermatology Service)

Secretary: Lourdes Bello Luna (Graduate in Law)

Board Members:

  • Sergio Sandiego Contreras (Tutor and Assistant Doctor in Medical Oncology)
  • Marcos melián Sosa (Tutor and Assistant Doctor in Medical Oncology)
  • Mª Luisa Chust Climent (Tutor and Head of Section in Radiation Oncology)
  • Paula Santamaría García (Tutor and Assistant Doctor in Radiation Oncology)
  • Carlos Serra Guillén (Tutor and Assistant Doctor in Dermatology)
  • Vicente Crispín Contreras (Head of the Radiophysics and Radiation Protection Service)
  • Carlos J. Andrés Blasco (Head of the Pharmacy Service)
  • Pilar Ferrer Peñaranda (Representative of the Consellería de Sanidad)
  • Carlos Fuster Diana (Head of Section of the General and Digestive Surgery Service)
  • Representative of Training Specialists

The Secretariat of the Teaching Commission is located on the third floor of the Outpatients building


Contacto Docencia IVO

Este formulario solo está dirigido a estudiantes pre-graduados y post-graduados (Medicina, Enfermería, Biología, Biotecnología, Nutrición, Psicología Farmacia y Fisioterapia), y de ciclos formativos (Imagen para el Diagnóstico y Medicina Nuclear, Radioterapia y Dosimetría, Cuidados auxiliares de enfermería, Laboratorio Clínico y Biomédico, Anatomía Patológica y Citodiagnóstico, Documentación y Administración Sanitaria, y Dietética).