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Instituto Valenciano de Oncología Foundation

Become a patient

Apply to be treated at the leading oncology centre in the Valencian Community

Current patients

Useful information and access to the Patient Portal for appointments and reports

The IVO, host of the 44th edition of the annual meeting of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)

The “OECI Oncology Days 2022” conferences will cover a series of current issues in oncology, with artificial intelligence being one of the keys to the congress.

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

The IVO accompanies cancer patients at all stages of their illness, from early diagnosis, in vivo and in vitro, to treatment and, in some cases, palliative care. This holistic approach to the oncological process guarantees much more humane treatment and a higher rate of efficacy

Early diagnosis

Diagnosis in vivo and in vitro

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Cancer Treatment

Palliative Care

With a multidisciplinary team
of professionals

Medical Services

The IVO's specialisation in oncology allows for a service structure organised by care areas classified according to the type of tumour

Tumour Committees

The committees are the ultimate expression of multidisciplinary medicine. They are made up of expert physicians from the main oncological specialities.

Technology and expertise
at the service of cancer patients

At the forefront of facilities and technology. Well-known for their humane treatment and respecting patients and their environment, thanks to the multidisciplinary team of medical professionals who cure and care for cancer patients.

Nuclear Medicine


Radiation Therapy

Robot-Assisted Surgery



Admission and Information

Any citizen with cancer or a certified oncological suspicion can apply to be a patient at the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología.

As it has an agreement with the Public Health System, patients do not have to assume any costs for their treatment. 

How can I become an IVO patient?
The Valencian Institute of Oncology is a concerted center that collaborates with public health through a concerted action agreement. Anyone who needs medical oncology care can be treated at the IVO. However, under this concerted action agreement, the procedure for being a patient in our hospital varies according to the circumstances of each patient. If the person is a resident of the Valencian Community, is in possession of the SIP health card that accredits the level of public benefits and has medical documentation that confirms the cancer suspicion, they can request to be treated at the IVO and will not have to bear any cost for their treatments. According to the concerted action agreement that the IVO maintains with the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health of the Valencian Community, they must be people with oncological problems who reside and form part of the protected population of the health departments of the Valencian Community with coverage public health in accordance with the provisions of Law 3/2003, of May 28, on Cohesion and Quality of the National Health System and development regulations, and Decree 3/2015 of July 24, of the Consell, by which universal access to health care in the Valencian Community is regulated. Any other person who is not included in the previous point may also request to be treated in the IVO, but the procedure is different. You can go to the IVO Admissions department, call 96 111 4000 or contact electronically. Regarding care for displaced persons, action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of current state regulations, in the community regulations for the coordination of Social Security Systems and in the bilateral agreements signed by the Spanish State in matters of health care.
Who can become an IVO patient?

People who are part of the protected population of the health departments of the Valencian Community with public health coverage, have two ways to request assistance at the IVO:

– Directly at the IVO, by submitting an application at the UDCA (New Patient Admission) service located on the ground floor of Building D of the IVO hospital complex in Valencia. It is also possible to submit the request online through this form or by calling 96 111 4000.

– Through the referral of your doctor. You can be referred through any physician involved in the oncology process, or specialist in family and community medicine

People who are not part of the protected population of the health departments of the Valencian Community with public health coverage can also apply to be patients of the IVO, but the procedure is different. To do this, you can go to the IVO Admissions department, call 96 111 4000 or contact electronically.

Can I use my private insurance to go to the IVO?

Yes, as long as you have prior authorisation from your health insurance provider

My hospital has referred me to the IVO. When will they call me?

As soon as your referral is authorised. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us at (+34) 961 114 090 / (+34) 961 114 091.

The referral request must be answered within a maximum of 2 working days. If you do not receive a reply, your request will be assumed to be authorised due to administrative silence.

I submitted an application to the IVO to become a patient. When will I know if I have been authorised by my health department?

We will call you to inform you and give you an appointment as soon as the authorisation is processed. The Conselleria’s deadline is 3 working days from the time you pass through the registry. If you do not receive a reply, your application will be automatically assumed to be authorised due to administrative silence.

The Foundation

The IVO is a non-profit foundation created in 1976 with the aim of providing assistance to cancer patients, promoting the prevention of the disease, the development of research activity and teaching, and the training of oncology doctors and related specialists.

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