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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

ivo.es Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

This surgical speciality covers both excisional oncological treatment (excluding visceral organs and the central nervous system) and restorative treatment for any part of the body.

The IVO’s reconstructive plastic surgery unit performs functional and anatomical reconstruction surgery, secondary or deferred oncological reconstruction of face and neck integuments and crossovers, immediate and/or delayed breast reshaping and repair treatment, both conserving the skin from radiodermatitis, and interventions to treat radionecrosis.

Surgeries Performed by this Service

  • Functional and Anatomical Reconstruction

    Immediate functional and anatomical reconstruction of coverage and/or exposure defects in vital structures (neurovascular, myotendinous, osteoarticular) at any anatomical location (head and neck, torso, limbs, extremities and perineum), using latest-generation flaps, whether loco-regional pediculated flaps of perforating vessels or plasties of perforating vessels with micro-vascular anastomoses.

  • Secondary or Deferred Oncological Reconstruction

    Secondary or deferred reconstruction of face and neck integuments and crossovers, especially periorificial areas, such as eye, nasal and oral cavities, whenever feasible with the patient's own tissue, as well as skeletal osteosynthesis.

  • Immediate and/or Deferred Breast Reconstruction

    (completely or partially disfigured), either using autologous (the patient's own), heterologous (implanting prosthetic material), or mixed tissue. The decosion on which to use is always subject to the judgement of the plastic surgeon performing the repair, carrying out the minimum amount of surgery possible.

  • Miscellaneous

    Degenerative pathology of the hand. Rescue of lower limbs from ulcerous pathologies or osteomyelitis. Micro-surgical restitution of nerve lesions such as peripheral facial paralysis. General treatment of wounds with complex evolution and after-effects of infectious pathology.

  • Restorative Treatment

    Including conservative treatment for radiodermatitis and interventional treatment for radionecrosis.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Service Medical Team

Associated Doctor

Dr. Ernesto Eliseo Sanz Navarro