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Oncological physiotherapy is a speciality of physiotherapy that helps the cancer patient to live through the process of the disease and its medical treatment. 

The aim of oncological physiotherapy is prevention, recovery, and readaptation to a patient’s functional capacity, trying to minimise the impact of the side effects derived from the disease and its oncological treatments, thereby increasing the patient’s quality of life.

The Physiotherapy Unit is part of the hospital’s Tumour Committees (breast, head and neck, sarcoma, gynaecological, and lung), where it performs a specific activity for each tumour type.

Activity of this Service

The IVO’s oncology physiotherapy unit is present at all stages of cancer patients’ illnesses.

Before Cancer Treatment

By preparing the body, improving physical conditions, and strengthening the structures that will be affected, complications and sequelae can be prevented. 

During Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy Treatment

Induced fatigue can be reduced and side effects can be prevented by creating therapeutic physical exercise programmes adapted to the patient's conditions. 

The physiotherapy strategy will be determined by the oncological treatment and derived side effects. Depending on the treatments applied, certain side effects will arise, such as musculo-skeletal alterations (lack of elasticity and fibrosis, scarring and adhesions, muscle and joint stiffness, lack of mobility, functional impotence), cardio-respiratory alterations, generalised weakness, peripheral nerve alterations (neuropathies), axillary web syndrome, altered balance and strength, fatigue, pain, lymphedema, dysphagia, urinary and faecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction... 

During Surgical Treatment

By means of early assessment of the patient and the operated area. Techniques are applied to prevent and treat the appearance of post-surgical complications. 

Survival Stage

By helping the patient to adopt a healthy lifestyle and carry out an adapted therapeutic physical exercise programme in order to prevent the recurrence of cancer and/or the appearance of a new primary tumour, while taking into account existing side effects and preventing long-term side effects.

State of Terminal Illness

The aim is to maintain a patient's autonomy in carrying out his or her daily activities as far as possible, to relieve pain, and to improve quality of life.

The IVO’s oncological physiotherapy unit provides care in different areas: Outpatient, Hospitalisation, and Home Care

The IVO’s Oncological Physiotherapy Unit uses different physical means (therapeutic exercises, kinesitherapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, infrared therapy, cryotherapy, biofeedback) to prevent and patients from experiencing the side effects of the disease and treatment and to help them recover. In the event of post-treatment sequelae, it will readapt the patient’s functional capacity, minimising the negative impact and increasing their quality of life. 

The oncology physiotherapy unit also undertakes preventive and educational projects.

Medical Staff

Physical Therapists

Alicia Palop Moscardó
Juan Bta. Portolés Simeó
Elisa Bañuls Sendra