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The mission of the IVO’s Psychology Unit is to detect emotional alterations that may make it more difficult to adapt to the process of the oncological disease, both for the patients and their families.

As such, individual and group actions are proposed in order to address the psychological side-effects that stem from both the diagnosis and the medical treatment.

The unit’s psychologists accompany the oncology patients and their families during the entire course of their illness

Helping cancer patients to normalise their lives

The unit issues guidelines to integrate the disease in a person's life, increasing their perception of control and confidence, with the aim of helping the oncology patient to normalize their life.

Tumour Committees

The unit is part of the hospital’s Tumour Committees, where a multidisciplinary team of professionals defines therapeutic strategies tailored to each patient, and carries out their follow-up for the duration of their pathology.

Home Hospitalisation Unit

It also collaborates closely with the Home Hospitalization Unit, offering psychological care to patients with symptomatic-palliative treatments and terminal patients as well as their families, joining the rest of the team of healthcare professionals, so that the patient can have the best possible quality of life.

Special attention is given to patient communication, both with their family and with the professional treating them, facilitating smooth, open and sincere interaction with their immediate environment.

Living with Cancer

First Visit

Initially, when someone comes to the clinic and mentions their problem, a few individual sessions are devoted to dealing with it. Part of this initial approach is also aimed at reducing the symptoms of anxiety, worry and confusion. The common denominator is the fear of uncertainty, of things not going well or of relapse, in the case of having already overcome the disease.

Once the person feels more relieved and able to cope with the situation, they are invited to participate in group sessions.

Living in the present without anticipating the future

In these group sessions, we use therapies through which the patient learns to redirect life using his or her own values and strengths. By reviewing the skills and virtues they have grasped up until this point, they learn to live more in the present without anticipating a future that is often considered to be uncertain. 

These groups are an opportunity to support each other, reduce feelings of loneliness and learn social and personal skills that will improve the participants’ quality of life. 

The Unit also has an outdoor programme in which they practise meditation in movement, body awareness and healthy techniques based on Qigong.

List of Recommendations

Psychology Service Team

Staff Psychologists

Ana García-Conde Benet
María Pilar Llombart Fuertes
Rocío Romero Retes