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International Early Lung Cancer Active Program (IELCAP)

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Nowadays, there is an increased awareness about early detection as a vital tool in the fight against cancer.

What is lung cancer?

It is a type of cancer in which cancer cells originate in the lungs and can grow to affect the structures around them.
The biggest risk factor associated with this ailment is tobacco. Most symptoms appear when lung cancer is at an advanced stage, so early diagnosis of the disease can improve its prognosis.
The IVO is part of an international program for the early detection of asymptomatic lung cancer called IELCAP: Early Lung Cancer Active Program. The program aims to detect cancer at a time initial enough so that it can be cured with a less aggressive treatment

The International Early Lung Cancer Active Program (IELCAP)

The International Early Lung Cancer Active Program (IELCAP) is aimed at subjects of both sexes, healthy, with age equal to or greater than 55 years and with a smoking habit of 30 years-minimum consumption package or 20-30 years-package with other risk factors or ex-smokers under 15 years. The consultation consists of the preparation of a medical history and the realization of a CT scan of low dose of radiation and without the need for contrast; with respiratory tests in the first consultation, all under the express acceptance of the subject (informed consent). This examination could be extended with other tests, in case of a diagnostic suspicion.

At IVO, the diagnosis of opportunistic lung cancer is made in the Early Lung Cancer Active Program (IELCAP)


Early Lung Cancer Active Program (IELCAP)

C/ Prof. Beltrán Báguena, 8. 46009 Valencia.

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