Liver cancer refers exclusively to cancer originating in the liver. There are several types of liver cancer, the most frequent being hepatocarcinoma.

The liver is mainly made up of cells called hepatocytes. There are also others, including the ones that cover blood vessels, or cover small conduits where bile circulates, called bile ducts.

Our body is made up of a series of organs, which in turn are made up of cells, which divide in an orderly way in order to replace those that are already old or dead, and in this way maintain the integrity and correct functioning of the different organs.

This process is regulated by series of mechanisms that tell the cell when to start dividing and when to remain stable. When any of these control mechanisms is altered, cell proliferation runs out of control and cancer appears. Depending on the type of cell altered, the liver can present several types of tumour, which will have different causes, treatments and prognosis.

Source: American Cancer Society



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