The Radiation Oncology Department at the IVO offers clinical care and therapeutic oncology personalized to each patient, through the indication, planning, control, treatment and monitoring of the patient treated with radiation and associated therapies.

The IVO has been a pioneer throughout the history of radiation therapy in the Valencian Community, conforming an essential part of radiotherapy oncological treatment. Maintaining the standard of quality and technological innovation has allowed it to stay at the forefront of new treatments and become a national and international reference centre through its broad experience and specialization.

The aforementioned experience and equipment in the Radiation Oncology department at IVO allows practically all currently available radiation therapy to be used, either alone, or in combination with other surgical techniques and systemic or chemotherapy treatments:

External Radiation Therapy: 3D Radiation Therapy, Megavoltage Image-guided RT (IGRT with MVCB), Intensity-modulated RT (IMRT).

Brain Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body RT (SBRT).

Internal Radiation Therapy or brachytherapy, low-dose rate and high-dose rate.

The Radiation Oncology Service is staffed by a highly specialized team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, focused on treatment with ionizing radiation, providing comprehensive patient care, monitoring any symptoms and side effects of the same, customizing the treatments and ensuring that the combination of therapies will be more effective and provide greater prospects of success.

Radiation therapy uses high energy X-rays (and/or from encapsulated radioactive sources) to destroy cancer cells by damaging their DNA. When used with curative intent and with a very high degree of precision, this technology is very effective in eliminating and controlling tumours in virtually any location of the body. New hypo-fractionation techniques (reduced number of session compared to standard) contribute to the radiation therapy being more effective, in the cases in which the location and characteristics of the tumour make it advisable. Radiation therapy can also be used with palliative intent, improving the quality of life of patients when the disease does not respond to surgery or chemotherapy.

The IVO has 3 electron linear accelerators at its headquarters in Valencia so as to be able to carry out the different radiation therapy techniques: One multileaf collimator accelerator with 3D imaging system for Image Guided RT (IGRT-MVCB) and IMRT Stereotactic technique RT (SBRT) and two 160 sheet multileaf collimator accelerators with high resolution image systems.

In a radiation treatment, team specialization is key in ensuring the standard of quality and safety during the treatment, session by session. The radiation therapy team, alongside the radiation physicists at the IVO, are highly qualified and have over 30 years experience, which makes it possible to design individualized treatment for each patient, guaranteeing that the treatment will be provided correctly and accurately.

The Radiation Therapy Department at the IVO participates in all the Hospital’s Tumour Committees, alongside the multidisciplinary team that customizes the therapeutic strategies for each patient.

The Instituto Valenciano de Oncología Foundation has an accredited slot for specialized medical training (MIR) residencies in Radiation Oncology. See call for tender.

In 2007, two radiation therapy care units located in the cities of Alcoy and Cuenca were set up with the objective of providing radiotherapy care and treatment to patients closer to their place of residence. These units have the necessary professional and technical resources to ensure the treatment of patients with maximum effectiveness.

The Radiation Therapy Unit in Alcoy is located next to the Hospital Virgen de los Lirios and the Radiation Therapy Unit in Cuenca is close to the Hospital Virgen de la Luz. Both units are integrated and fully coordinated with the IVO-Valencia hospital and participate in the Tumour Committees in their reference hospitals, allowing them to offer the patient comprehensive care and maximum quality.

The service Radiation Oncology has a quality management system for all this processes, ISO 9001:2015


The IVO‘s Radiation Oncology Department located in the hospital complex in Valencia has continually invested in equipment to be able to offer the latest techniques and treatments to their patients. It currently has next-generation technology:

  • 5 electron linear accelerators at 3 sites located in the cities of Valencia, Alcoy and Cuenca:
    • In Valencia:
      • One multileaf collimator accelerator with 3D imaging system for Image Guided RT (IGRT-MVCB). Suitable for Stereotactic RT techniques (SBRT) with IMRT.
      • 2 Linear multileaf collimator accelerators with high-resolution image systems.
    • In Alcoy: One multileaf collimator accelerator with 2D imaging system for Image Guided RT
    • In Cuenca: One multileaf collimator accelerator with 2D imaging system for Image Guided RT
  • 3 interconnected computer networks, allowing treatment management, registration and verification. With 3 workstations, one at each branch.
  • 6 dosimetry planning systems at the Radiation Physics and Radiation Protection Service for clinical dosimetry.
  • 1 brain and extracranial stereotactic radiosurgery system in Valencia.
  • 3 high-dose brachytherapy systems: 1 high-dose system and one image-guided prostate implant system in Valencia and 1 high-dose system in Cuenca.
  • 2 low-dose brachytherapy systems in Valencia: 1 system for ultrasound-guided prostate implants and 1 system for eye implants.
  • 3 computerized axial CT scanners for dosimetric planning. One at each branch.



Medical Staff

Dr. Leoncio Arribas Alpuente, Head of Department

Head of Department

Dr. Leoncio Arribas Alpuente

Head of Department
Dr. Leoncio Arribas Alpuente

Heads of Section
Dra. María Luisa Chust Vicente
Dr. José Luis Guinot Rodríguez
Dr. José Luis Mengual Cloquell

Medical Staff
Dr. Manuel Casaña Giner
Dra. Mónica Núñez Báez
Dra. Carmen Pesudo Ayet
Dr. Miguel Santos Olias
Dra. María Isabel Tortajada Azcutia
Dra. Paula Santamaría García
Dra. Yashmina Murria Pérez
Dra. María Natividad Bascón Santalo (IVO Alcoy)

Sandra Canós Puente
Francisco la Rosa de los Rios Alonso
Dra. Mar Vercher Ferrer


  • Accelerator
  • Accelerator
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