Internal Medicine

The main objective of the unit is to handle the non-oncological conditions that may arise during the course of a patient’s underlying oncological disease, such as, for example, cardiopathy, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, COPD, cardiotoxicity secondary to chemotherapy, and deteriorated kidney function.

The objective is to offer the most complete, comprehensive and coordinated assistance possible to the oncological patient, thus improving the quality of assistance and, hence, the patient’s quality of life.

The Internal Medicine Unit works closely with the different surgical services for the control of the patients with multipathological problems and/or multi-symptom relief in the immediate postoperative period.

In collaboration with the Radiology Service, patients who have presented any adverse reaction to the iodinated contrast are evaluated, cataloguing the severity, prescribing a prophylactic treatment if required or deriving the patient to a specialist so they can carry out the appropriate tests.

Within its responsibilities, a fundamental and indispensable mission of an Internal Medicine Specialist at the hospital is, in collaboration with the Microbiology Laboratory, take charge of the surveillance and control of nosocomial infection, highlighting infections caused by resistant organisms, that are difficult for other specialists to manage, and other common infections that occur both in post-surgical patients and in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

This is why this unit is responsible for communicating all Notifiable Diseases to the Ministry of health of Valencia Community. (Notifiable Diseases).



Medical Staff

Medical Staff
Dra. Adoración Egido González
Dra. Maria Yurena Cañado

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