This fundamental service is oriented towards the pharmaceutical care of cancer patients and the management of the hospital’s pharmaceutical sanitary products. Medicines, sanitary materials and samples for clinical trials.

Its mission is to contribute towards improving the quality of the healthcare provided for the patient.

The functions of the IVO’s pharmacy department cover many areas. Within the management area functions, the service is responsible for the procurement, reception, storage, preservation and care of the hospital’s medicines and healthcare products. It also manages the processing of applications for the purchase of medications in special situations through the Spanish Agency of Medicines, as well as coordinating the authorisation circuit for high health and economic impact medical products in close collaboration with the Conselleria de Sanitat Public Health Department.

The Dispensing Area is responsible for dispensing individualized medications in single doses.  Each patient’s drug dosage and duration prescription is validated by the pharmacist, who requires an understanding of the each patient’s drug therapy history, thus ensuring custom comprehensive care. Dispensing is made faster through the use of automated storage systems connected to the Hospital’s assisted prescription system.

The Pharmacy Department has an Intravenous Mixtures Unit, where all the Hospital’s preparations are centralized, allowing resources to be optimized and ensuring aseptic conditions and pharmaceutical validation throughout the process. The service has two vertical laminar flow cabinets, where intravenous mixtures of cytostatic drugs for chemotherapy are prepared. It is also where intravenous mixtures of antibiotics are prepared.

The Pharmacokinetics Area carries out individualized pharmacokinetic studies for patients. Study has two stages: determination of serum concentrations and interpretation of the same. The interpretation of analytical results is the most important part of monitoring and requires knowledge of clinical data, accurate times for sample collection, concomitant therapies, as well as having a previously defined therapeutic margin or target concentration, adapted to the population group the patient belongs to.

The Pharmacotechnia Unit’s main aim is to develop different pharmaceutical forms adapted to the specific needs of the patients treated in the hospital. To perform this activity, the service has the necessary structural and physical conditions, as well as the required tools and equipment.

The Pharmacy Department functions also include dispensing information about medication and resolving pharmacotherapeutic queries that the centre’s staff or patients may have.

In terms of clinical research, the responsibility of the hospital pharmacist in the development of a clinical trial is essential, since the Pharmacy Service is the place, established by current legislation, where the medication under study is stored, monitored and dispensed.

The Outpatient Oncological Pharmaceutical Unit (OOPU), that depends on the hospital Pharmacy Service, responds to the pharmacotherapeutic intervention needs of patients who come to the hospital outpatient clinic in terms of medication use. Their aim is to improve the efficiency and safety of pharmacological treatments.

Dr. Carlos J. Andrés Blasco, Head of the Pharmacy Department

Head of the Pharmacy Department

Dr. Carlos J. Andrés Blasco

Head of Department
Carlos J. Andrés Blasco

Pharmaceutical Staff
Margarita Carbonell Castelló
Ismael Pastor Climente
Yolanda Colomer Nieves
Isabel de los Desamparados Benet Giménez
Marta Monroy Ruiz
Álvaro Gómez Perales


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Pharmacy Service

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