Resident intern
specialist training

1. Call 2019/2020

In this open call for job posts in 2020, included the Order Scb/925/2019, dated 30 August, approval for the job posts and the call for the test in 2019, for positions 2020 for specialised health care training for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other university graduate in the areas of psychology, chemistry, biology and physics at The Valencia Oncology Institute Foundation as a private hospital which recruits its employees via the public system (BOE nº 216, page 97404) and currently has 4 accredited positions available:1 MEDICAL ONCOLOGY, 1 RADIATION ONCOLOGY, 1 MEDICAL-SURGICAL DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY AND 1 HOSPITAL RADIOPHYSICS


2. Resolution of the Directorate General of Professional Management of the Ministry of Health



3. Testing Schedule 2019/2020

  • Acts of awarding places: As of June 25, 2020; within the period indicated in the corresponding resolution of the General Directorate of Professional Planning ( which may be modified for justified reasons and published on the website of the Ministry of Health).
  • Term of inauguration: Between 21 and 25 September 2020.
  • 25 September 2020 shall be considered as the start date of the training period.
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