Hospital Complex

Hospital Complex

The high level of technology and the prestige of its professionals have made the Fundación Instituto Valenciano de Oncología IVO a highly effective choice in the treatment of tumours. This option lies within the reach of any cancer patient covered by the terms of an agreement with the Valencia public health service.

The first part of the hospital complex was built in 1975 by the architect Salvador Pascual Gimeno, and over the intervening years has become one of the main identifying symbols of the IVO. In the 1970s this building was a milestone in Valencian health architecture and it still retains the dynamic, modern appearance of a building embodying great personality. In fact the IVO logo takes its inspiration from this open, round concept that evokes innovation, creativity and humanism.

When it was opened by Queen Sofia on 1 December 1976 the IVO had a cobalt therapy machine, a fundamental tool for treating tumours, 3,000 square metres of space in the “round building”, and about 50 professionals.

Almost four decades later, the IVO Foundation has grown to become a large hospital complex, with four buildings totalling 25,000 square metres accommodating almost 600 professionals.

The complex now has four of the latest linear accelerators. These machines represent the most advanced concept in image-guided radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Precise targeting makes it possible to increase the amount of radiation and, in particular, to focus the radiation on the tumour area itself.

The IVO Foundation possesses the most up-to-date diagnostic technology such as PET, gamma camera, and four CT scanners.

Since 2007 the Fundación Instituto Valenciano de Oncología also has radiotherapy units in Alcoy and Cuenca.

In pursuing its aim of curing cancer or minimising its consequences, the IVO relies on early detection. To that end it has an early detection unit for breast and gynaecological cancer and another for the diagnosis of asymptomatic lung cancer. It also carries out early detection tests for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Average annual figures for the IVO are 150,000 outpatient consultancies, 40,000 patients treated, 2,200 treated with radiotherapy, 25,000 preventative medical check-ups for women, 10,000 surgical operations, and 70,000 hospital stays. In addition, almost 3,000 people are involved in the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program (IELCAP).

Since 1998 the IVO possesses a Home Hospitalisation Unit, capable of dealing with 100 patients. A team of fifteen professionals comprising oncologists, GPs, surgeons and nurses, perform health care and social activities in the home to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Home hospitalisation is defined as a healthcare alternative that can provide diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as care in the home similar to those available in hospitals. The catchment area for this unit is the metropolitan area of Valencia and towns within a 10- km radius.